Gyumri – Armenia

Gyumri, located in northwestern Armenia near the Turkish border, is the second largest city in Armenia, in size, history, culture and economy. The city is a model of Armenian culture and identity, made of paradoxes and contrasts. It holds a special place in the hearts of Armenians.

Gyumri – Armenia

Land of suffering, Gyumri did not recover from the 1988 earthquake that destroyed half of the city. Reconstruction, modernization of infrastructure, safeguarding of the city’s heritage, improvement of living conditions, extension of networks and services throughout the city, etc .; this development policy has been the same since 1988. These projects are fully anchored in the daily life of Gumretsis without them ever seeing the outcome, although 30 years have already passed since the earthquake.

Gyumri – ID Card

But Gyumri is on the road to resurgence, the abnegation and the courage of the gumretsis who remained after the disaster command admiration and respect. And it is by taking advantage of this strength of character of the inhabitants that the renewal of Gyumri is emerging.

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