Architectural competition : “Reuse the city”

The Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation launches an Open International Competition for Recreational Infrastructure Elements Design in Gyumri Friendship Park. The competition is a part of the integrated development and restoration of Gyumri within Armenia 2020 Initiative.

Here, our proposal for Open International Competition for recreational infrastructure elements design in friendship park, Gyumri – 2020

Focus of the competition is the development of design elements of the recreational infrastructure of the Gyumri Friendship Park in line with requirements of the Terms of Reference of the competition. The concept should include architecture and planning elements and solutions for multifunctional and all-weather exploitation of facilities based on the already development draft design of the park, which will be presented in the Terms of Reference.

Go to the competition’s website : Friendship Park, Gyumri


In Gyumri, a form of design intelligence expresses itself in many neighborhoods, which have been transformed over time by the work of their inhabitants. A form of circular economy has been developed often due to a situation of high precariousness. 

We simply want to emphasize that this informal urbanization is not only the face of poverty. This lack of «formality» is, in fact, a high-performing urbanization, by their powerful meaning: they are efficient and adaptable

One of the keys for understanding this phenomenon lies in the constant reuse of building materials for housing, public spaces, or landscaping. This dynamic is fundamental for us, as it allows us to imagine other interpretations of citizenship. A strong citizenship as a creative act that redefines the institutional protocols in the spaces of the city. 


Although they are three distinct projects, the themes as the project scales have been thought out in order to find an overall design coherence for the park. The cross of certain elements in the 3 subjects brings a visual identity to the park. 

Red as an indicator of technical elements related to use ; a structural base that is both traditional, natural and innovative through the use of clay concrete, otherwise known as « poured earth ». 

In addition, we invite residents to feel concerned, by integrating public debate and citizen awareness into urban and landscape construction of Gyumri. 


To use the resource in place to build the park. Reuse of building materials is already present in Gyumri, the idea is to legitimize and sublimate this process.  


To develop a systemic approach of modularity for the best response, according to the needs (integration, usage, techniques, etc.) in any situation


To set elements in motion in order to connect and interact with the different projects to achieve a form of park-wide autonomy.

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