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Is an association which seeks to help stimulate an alternative discourse on the urban future of the city of Gyumri. We aim to achieve this by involving different stakeholders in the design and implementation process of the project. 

Juliette Wieruszewski ; Thomas Tronville ; Hugo Daguillon ; Anna Manukyan


Hugo Daguillon and Thomas Tronville, two french architects, founded UP’GYUMRI association in 2018. These initiative arose from the final project of study at the Architecture’s School of Lyon (ENSAL) that has developed and became professional. UP’GYUMRI addresses within its mission several subjects: International Solidarity, the re generation of territories and sustainable development.

Hugo has developed research offering to use the shrinking city as a device of urban innovation, questioning the place of the architect in these resurgence processes. He is convinced that the use of shrinking cities can illustrate new methods in urban development linking with the principles of circular economy.

Thomas has worked in landscaping and transient urban planning. Moreover, he has developed micro-architecture projects for artists, and has created urban design games with Grenoble´s inhabitants, striving to explore new avenues for the city of tomorrow. 

Anna Manukyan joined the team in 2019, convinced in the possibility of bringing changes to the functioning of her country. Anna is an armenian PhD student in linguistics and she works as an interpreter. Anna has experience at Yerevan City Hall, for projects on decentralised cooperation. 

Juliette Wieruszewski joined us in 2019. After spending a year of international exchange at the Architecture University of Yerevan (UNACA), she wanted to start a new adventure in parallel of her architecture diploma which dealt with two works. On one hand, a research on “co-construction” nowadays in France, in order to understand the role of the inhabitants in a housing’s project. On the other hand, a project of redynamisation of a French village losing activities to give it back a proper identity.


This project integrates Franco-Armenian international cooperation as well as decentralised cooperation actions carried out by the city of Lyon and its metropolis.

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The project is motivated by a vision of the work in collaboration and in team. We are persuaded that a project dealing with the urban cannot be the exclusivity of personal reflections. If you are interested in the project, we are working on building a local team in Armenia. Do not hesitate to contact us and be part of the team !

Please use the form to contact us, we listen to your feedback and suggestions to improve our work. And all our thanks if you share the project 😉