On this page, you’ll find three interactive maps of Gyumri ; everybody can interact on it, add pictures, put comments, pin elements, define a site…

Using interactive and participatory mapping allows us to access non-measurable parameters and data at the scale of a single architect. This will be the first step in the participatory urban diagnostic process that we seek to achieve. Facing our limited means to immerse ourselves in Gyumri, the digital tool can help us to collect a maximum of information.

These maps are created in order to collect raw information, existing, lived experience, memories, sensitive resources : photos, comments, videos, sounds, drawings, writings …

We need your help !

uMap Resources

On this map, you can pin elements or define areas, then put comments about your impressions, memories, urban experiences of the city. The most important thing for us is to collect the gaze of the people of Gyumri on their city.

Let’s start !

uMap screenshot


On this map, you can add pictures to create a street-level imagery of Gyumri. Daily routes, popular places, living spaces, but also neglected places, urban deficiencies, empty spaces, … To contribute, your have to create an account on Mapillary.

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Mapillary screenshot


For those who want to go further in mapping, and make a more detailed contribution, you can create an OpenStreetMap account and continue the adventure further!

Let’s start !

OpenStreetMap screenshot