Presentation brochure of the Re-Use The Resource project carried by the UP’GYUMRI association.

An association which seeks to help stimulate an alternative discourse on the urban future of the city of Gyumri. It aim to achieve this by involving different stakeholders in the design and implementation process of the project. 

This brochure briefly presents the intention to create a laboratory for the reuse of construction materials, first step of the project.

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Authors: Hugo Daguillon & Thomas Tronville (founders of UP’GYUMRI)

Through a conversation, the two architects at the origin of the UP’GYUMRI association answer questions from an interlocutor who wish to learn more about their motivations for an urban development project on Armenian territory, in Gyumri.

A witness of a last year of study in architecture but above all a first year of a professional career in international Franco-Armenian cooperation.

Authors: Hugo Daguillon & Thomas Tronville (founders of UP’GYUMRI)

This second part gives the explanation of their intervention method planned on a decreasing urban area through the case study of Gyumri city.

An intervention strategy by “acupuncture”, using the resource of the place to experiment an in situ model and then its dissemination on the scale of sites with the same characteristics or issues. This method presents different periods of time throughout the project, as scenarios where the participatory experience is omnipresent.

Authors: Hugo Daguillon & Thomas Tronville (founders of UP’GYUMRI)

Written in June 2018, at the same time as the first two, this last part of the series opens perspectives on the future of Gyumri. Projecting the operation and development of this intervention method now known to gyumrétsis; a scenario where the resurgence of Gyumri is made by and through the investment of its inhabitants.

A critical feedback on the experience of an international end-of-study project, immersed in a complex network of actors; a project opening the field of possibilities and pushing the doors to an involved professional path.

Authors: Hugo Daguillon & Thomas Tronville (founders of UP’GYUMRI)

«Urban decline», «Shrinking Cities», «urban decrease» expressions are not missing to describe the situation which blames the structural organization of our contemporaneous cities. For a long time, this phenomenon remained invisible from urban studies. It has been growing since 1920 and promise to spread even more in the future. It questions us about our practices but also gives us the opportunity to think about the alternatives for a sustainable planning.

On the one hand, an article dealing with the general theme of “shrinking cities” from Gyumri’s knowledge ; on the other hand four sensitive, narrative and graphic scenarios.

Like a restitution of a year of studies and projections on the city of Gyumri (Armenia), the vision of the authors is presented here in two complementary forms.

About “Invested [R] • to hire an architect?” :

In the form of brief essays, research articles and graphic contributions, the twenty-six contributions selected from this collection come from the project workshop : “ALT”, master’s field of study at ENSA Lyon. “ALT” seeks to hatch unique paths, postures, practices and architectural projects. This multiplicity of singularities forms a heterogeneous or even dissonant collective, but whose simultaneous visions sketch the portrait of students, children of crises, children of crises, of sustainable development, of the suburbs, of digital technology, of social networks, of global thinking and of the act local…