The project

UP’GYUMRI – An approach for Gyumri’s future


Gyumri is currently going through a profound urban transition. However, the city cannot be transformed without taking into account its identity. Its identity is made up of the city´s inhabitants and their culture on one hand, and the city´s history and heritage on the other. We believe that no single person should construct an urban space but rather that it is a common project for everyone. 

« The objective of this project is first and foremost, to promote collective know-how, allowing the inhabitants of Gyumri but also professionals to meet, exchange on their respective knowledge and to learn new constructive techniques. »


A city generally has large material resources at its disposal. Decommissioned buildings, material deposits, overage from dockyards, ruins, waste are just a few examples of materials to be included in strategic management processes aimed at improving the use of our resources and reducing our impact on nature. In Gyumri, it makes sense from an economic perspective to implement methodical reuse of materials for all construction works. 


  1. extend the life of materials 
  2. installation of short circuits 
  3. promote craftsmanship 
  4. creation of non-relocatable jobs 
  5. gain in purchasing power 


The re-use project in Gyumri focuses on 3 pillars: 

A co-designed and co-constructed workplace can be utilised to store the materials collected in the city in addition to a refurbishment workshop, a 1:1 scale experimentation workshop, a publicly accessible redistribution space as well as longer-term classrooms and an exhibition space etc. 

An online platform with several functions including: networking for professionals and individuals interested in the reuse process, an interactive map of the city’s resource points, a catalogue inventory of available materials, explanatory notes on building systems etc. 

Heterogeneous events to communicate, raise awareness, educate about re-use, ecology and the circular economy, but also experiment, co-build and think together on Gyumri’s future and the possibilities offered by reuse in the field of construction.