Greetings from Gyumri

2020 started with COVID-19 crisis, actions of the association had to be suspended, Hugo Daguillon (founding member of Up’Gyumri) has decided to submit a content to Balmond studio’s, and it has been published !

Hugo Daguillon writes a heartfelt open letter to all of us. A letter in which he tells us about the difficult fate of the city of Gyumri and the ways in which Gyumri can become a beacon for a whole new understanding of the urban environment. Hugo’s words come accompanied by architectural observations and inspirations in the form of his sketches.

To see more and to read the entire article published on Balmond Studio Website, click here :

Greeting from Gyumri

Postcards were chosen as a medium of expression because we were confined when I wrote it. The global health crisis situation no longer allowed us to satisfy our mobility expectations. All over the planet, travel was becoming more and more constrained. So moving to Armenia to implement our actions was no longer possible.Postcards were the means to deliver an illustrated testimony (in watercolour) of distant reality in Armenia through actual situation prism.

Hugo Daguillon

TiP explores new concepts and creations across the arts and science. They are looking for stories, projects, and inspiration in this arena. Generally they cover: architecture, design, art, science, and culture. 

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