International Solidarity Festival – LYON 2021

2021, come back of the festival

For more than 20 years, Festival of Solidarity has been the national meeting place to promote and celebrate solidarity open to the world. After a 2020 edition canceled due to the health crisis, Lyon International Solidarity Festival has resumed (and in its best light!), this 2021 edition was extremely rich.

Indeed, number of visitors has never been higher, and all age groups were at the rendezvous of solidarity. In addition, with 43 associations present this year it was possible to have an overview of actions carried out here and there.

Lyon City Hall
On November 6, the International Solidarity Festival opened in Lyon City Hall

Visitors were invited to walk through the associations, which were divided into eight poles of solidarity:

  • Welcome and integrate ;
  • Education ;
  • Health ;
  • Live together ;
  • Water and food ;
  • Environment ;
  • Local and solidarity economy ;
  • Media.

We were in Environment space, “The environment at the heart of our lives”, which we shared with 2 associations: La Manufacturette and On The Green Road.


This event was an invitation to renew dialogue and links we have with each other and with the world around us. We could meet the population of Lyon, exchange freely with them, sometimes envisage collaborations and exchanging contacts for the future.

Again this year, we have proposed the board game that we designed in 2019 “Building the city, in search of materials”, a game to raise awareness about reuse of building materials, in immersion in the city of Gyumri. Players respond to Armenian issues based on mission cards given at the start of the game. Then, players will create models with reused materials by recovering this resource in the city. This collaborative game is a good introduction to the issues of Gyumri’s inhabitants, as well as to characteristics and peculiarities of the Armenian territory.

The last competition in which we participated was also exposed during this edition as well as models and various documents presenting our approach and projects carried by Up’Gyumri association.


A time for discussions with elected officials was scheduled for Friday, November 5, during a day intended for associations. We were able to speak at length with Sonia ZDOROVTZOFF, Deputy Mayor of Lyon Delegate for International Relations, Cooperation and Solidarity. The values carried by Up’Gyumri and our knowledge of Armenian territory interested Mrs. ZDOROVTZOFF and the municipality of Lyon, for whom we are available to strengthen collaboration.

We appear in two reports on l’écume d’un jour blog (photos : © Pierre Nouvelle ; vidéos : © JF Cullafroz-Dalla Riva):

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